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  • "Cry of the Butterfly" Director: Mihailo Stanic, Cast: John Savage, Rade Serbedzija, Nina Serbedzija; Dreamscape Films
  • "The Show Must Go On" Director: Nevio Marasovic; Cast: Sven Medvesek, Natasa Dorcic; Producers: Nevio Marasovic, Sasa Bijelic
  • "Orangelove" Director: Alan Badoyev, Cast: AlekseiChadov; Twinjoint Films; Top Film/Channel One
  • "Spiritual Warriors" Director: David Raynr, Cast: Jsu Garcia, Sally Kirkland; Scott Productions
  • "Pavle the Boy" (Short) Director: Gina Powers, Producer: Amanda Ellis, Powers Productions
  • "Testimony" Director: Tony Palmer, Cast: Ben Kingsley; Channel Four Films; European Classics "Fist Of the North Star"  Director: Tony Randel, Cast: Malcolm McDowell; First Look; Warner Brothers  (Additional Music and Orchestrator)


  • "The Irish In America" (mini series); Buena Vista /Disney  Cast: Jason Robards, Elvis Costello
  • "Long Journey Home"(mini series); Buena Vista /Disney Cast: Sinead O'Connor
  • "Ellis Island" (mini series); CBS  Cast: Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson*
  • "Angels" (mini series); NBC
  • "Ghosts of Gettysburg"; 20th Century Fox TV/ABC
  • "The Big House" (series); 20th Century Fox TV/ABC Cast: Paul Sorvino
  • "The Real West" (series); NBC/History Channel Cast: Kenny Rogers "Have We Been Visited?" (movie special); CBS
  • "The Bloody Lane at Antietam" (TV movie); NBC
  • "Civil War Journal" (series); A&E /History Channel Cast: Danny Glover "Modern Marvels" (series); History Channel
  • "American Revolution" (series); A&E Network
  • "Titanic: Death of a Dream" (documentary series); A&E Network
  • "America's Bloodiest Battles" (series); History Channel
  • "Ancient Prophecies" (series); A&E / History Channel
  • "The Life and Times" (series); Turner Network
  • "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (documentary); A&E Network
  • "Trains Unlimited" (series); History Channel
  • "Treasures" (series); A&E Network
  • "Haunted History" (series); NBC/ History Channell
  • "Histories Mysteries" (series); History Channel
  • "Mummies: Tales from the Egyptian Crypts"(doc. series);A&E Network
  • * (Won Golden Globe; Emmy Awards Nominations)


  • "Frost and Fire" Writer & Producer: Ray Bradbury(multimedia show); Bethune Theatre
  • "I Miss Communism"; Ines Wurth's one woman show; Edinburgh Festival, Scotland
  • "Moses" (multimedia); with The London Pops Orchestra; West End, London
  • "A Silent Roar"(modern dance production);Bethune Theatre
  • "Hands Off, Zina!" (theatre play); Pepperdine Theatre "Manvantara" (modern dance production); Bethune Theatre


  • "Constellations for ten trombones and pipe organ"; commissioned in 2012 by the First Methodist Church of San Diego
  • "Musica Festiva" for two trumpets and organ; commissioned in 2010 by the American Guild of Organists for the Centennial Celebration of the LA Chapter
  • "Croleidoscope" for female choir and orchestra; commissioned in 2009 by the Croatian Natioanal Association
  • "Improvisations inspired by sculptures of Ivan Mestrovic" for pipe organ and multi-media; performed at Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb


  • Original music for commercials/inernational advertizing campaigns, including Motorola, Estee Lauder, etc.
  • Critically acclaimed live performances and tours throughout Europe, Asia and Russia
  • Performances at top music festivals around the world
  • Over 20 original recordings on various international labels


  • Projects nominated and awarded Emmys, BAFTA, ASCAP
  • New York Film Festival Gold Award for "Testimony"
  • Crystal Award